Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Obscure O.C. Trivia: The Cohens and The Roberts house addresses revealed!

Yes its true, in Season 4 Episode 7 "The Chrismukkah Huh?" Ryan receives a late letter from Marissa sent before her untimely passing. The scene is quick but if you pause at the right time, both Marissa and Ryan's addresses are revealed. This knowledge is bound to push you ahead of any so called fan of The O.C..

Our team of experts digitized and enhanced the above image above revealing the actual address where the Cohens lived! Not only that but it also reveals Summer's house address when Marissa was living with Summer and her dad Neil!

The addresses read:

Ryan Atwood
6203 Bluffside Terrace
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Marissa Cooper
4944 Pelican Grove Circle 
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sadly in reality there is no 6203 Bluffside Terrace or 4944 Pelican Grove Circle. These addresses were completely made up. Most likely to give the real home owners the privacy they need. Interestingly enough though the Cohen house number is only 2 off of the real thing!

The actual Cohen address of the house we see the front of briefly in nearly every O.C. episode is:

6205 Ocean Breeze Drive, Malibu, CA.
Located in a private gated community
Still for sale as of  March 2017, buy price is $6,795,000

The above house was used strictly in the first few episodes of The O.C. and mainly for external front shots after that. These shots included different cars pulling in and out of the driveway as well as multiple weather conditions, all filmed at once and reused over and over. They did use the front of the house once more in the last episode when Ryan says goodbye. The actual interiors of this house are completely different than in the show. The interiors of the Cohen house we see in the series were built entirely on sound stages 27 and 28 at Manhattan Beach Studios. The interiors and pool area were inspired by a house on the same cul de sac in the Malibu community. More about that here!

Fun fact: Dianne Burnett ex wife of Mark Burnett (creator of Survivor, SharkTank - divorced in 2003) lived in "The Cohen House" till it recently went up for sale. 

The Actual Roberts address is:

28685 Wagon Road  Agoura Hills, CA 
Located within a gated community called Paramount Ranch Estates
Current market estimate in 2017 is $7 million

The external shots of Summers house was filmed at this location as well as the backyard pool shots. Most of everything else was filmed in stages 27 and 28 at Manhattan Beach Studios (same place where the Cohen house set was).

Fun fact: This house is over 12,000 square feet in size, the home is fully solar powered as well as solar heated for the pool. Also features 2500 square foot gym, driving range (3 par hole) with sand traps, putting & chipping greens, a  lighted tennis court, ball machine, horseshoe pit, solar heated pool and spa, water fountains, dry river bed, organic vegetable garden, fruit trees, room for meditation pavilion overlooking Ladyface Mountain, and a three acre meadow for horses/animals plus room for barns. Holy cow, what a house!

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