topics about the o.c.
Behind the scenes of The O.C.
Where The O.C. was filmed
Famous Houses in the show
Various fun topics about The O.C.
Famous props of The O.C.
Rare or quick glimpses of places in The O.C.
History lessons by Sandy Cohen
Calculations made by Seth and his computer
A break down of the various cars in The O.C.
The Basement
Vintage long forgotten O.C. treasures
Make your own O.C. arts and crafts
Silly things the writers put into the script
Alternate O.C. story lines
O.C. actors before they were famous
Fun facts you may not have known
Posts regarding The O.C. holidays
Seeing Double
When you're pretty sure you just saw a stunt double
The O.C. Interviews
Awesome interviews with anyone related to The O.C. 
Current O.C. related news
The O.C. Memorabilia
Actual props, promotional items or autographs from the show
Memorable moments in various episodes
O.C. related goods
The O.C. Original Art
Specific original O.C. artwork created by Everything The O.C.
Unsolved mysteries of The O.C.
Consumer branded products that were placed into The O.C.
Fictional tweets from various characters of The O.C.
The O.C. bloopers or mistakes made in the show
Music related The O.C. articles
Things you never thought you wanted to know until now

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