Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Behind the Scenes: The episode where Seth and Ryan go to "The Vegas"

The following images are behind the scenes shots of The O.C. cast filming on location for Season One's Episode: "The Strip" (although we think it should have been called "The Vegas". If you remember or not, in the episode, Ryan, Seth, Caleb and Sandy go to Vegas for Caleb's bachelor party but like most times in The O.C. Seth and Ryan get into trouble and somebody gets punched!

Adam Brody and Benjamin Mckenzie studying their lines

Adam and Benjamin goofing off

Adam and Benjamin goofing off again...

And again...

Adam taking in direction from the shows directors

Adam Brody talking to his stripper friend

Seth in awe of the hotel they are staying at..Paid by Caleb of course!

Tate Donovan and Peter Gallagher going over some lines

Tate Donovan eating from the many actor food-carts that were on location

Benjamin taking direction from the directors

A bunch of behind the scenes people standing around

Makeup checkup on Peter Gallagher, yes their tans were faked

Behind the scenes filming inside the casino hotel

Alan Dale and Peter Gallagher filming a scene

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