Monday, April 6, 2020

The O.C. Fan Fiction: The Quarantine

It's early morning - The Cohen's are on their 4th week of quarantine. Sandy, Seth and Ryan are in the kitchen eating their not so usual breakfast due to food shortages (whole wheat bagels..yuck)..At this point the Cohen household are a little irritated and delirious. After many movie nights, Netflix binges and family game night, they're a little burned out.

*Kirsten stumbles through the kitchen hallway and attempts to give Sandy a hug - Sandy simultaneously blocking her attempt..*

Sandy: Hunny, you really gotta practice your social a time like this a hug could really kill..

*Kirsten gets irritated..and just mutters inaudible words as she opens up the fridge for some orange juice.*

Seth: Yes mom, you really need to take proper precautions *Seth flips down his spider-man mask and starts mumbling* Corona's got nothing on this. Yeah, i'd like to thank my many years of cosplay for this ingenious invention.

*Ryan gives "The Look" and irritatedly says*

Ryan: Yeah, look at you, you clearly are loosing it buddy..

Seth: Zing Ryan, zing..Allow me to demonstrate..I could go about my normal day with this baby on

*Seth attempts to drink coffee through the masks breathing holes as half of it goes on his shirt..*

Sandy: Now that's talent..

Seth: You'll see, you'll all see..I will prove just how effective my invention is by vowing to wear it all day.

Ryan: You won't last 5 minutes..

*Sandy starts smirking not being able to hold his next line in*

Sandy: That's what she said.

*Kirsten rolls her eyes*

Kirsten: This is going to be a long quarantine...
Cue the O.C. intro song..Californiaaaa......

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