Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The O.C. Actors in Public: Peter Gallagher and his Wife Paula enjoying some breakfast!

Feast your eyes on this set of truly candid photos of Peter Gallagher and his wife Paula eating breakfast. These photos were taken around the time of The great O.C. heyday and before all the craziness of social media. The restaurant they are at is called Le Pain Quotidian and still actually exists today. 

Le Pain Quotidian is located in New York City off of 1st avenue. They serve fancy breakfast and pastry type food six days a week to the people that have too much pride to support the Starbucks' of the world.

Life of a celebrity, pretty glamorous right?

We would like to think that Peter Gallagher is eyeing his next bagel!

Peter's checking the bill to make sure he didn't get ripped off!

Aw, look a super fan and her dad scoped Mr. Sandy Cohen, you know he saw this coming from a mile away.

How convenient, she even brought a photo of the man himself, not stalker-like at all.  But all jokes aside, Peter Gallagher probably autographed that head shot and treated her like a celebrity. We'd like to think that the photo still sits on her nightstand to this very day.

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