Thursday, May 19, 2016

The O.C. Whoops: Luke's guitar appears at the Rooney show? Plus bonus video!

In season 1 episode 12 "The Secret", Luke and Ryan get paired up to do a school report together. Ryan naturally goes over to Luke's house to do the project. Which lets the viewers into a unseen world of the Wards, creating a backdrop for what's to come. In the scene the viewer gets a super rare view of Luke's room. Which ends up looking like a typical teenager's room. Luke's room is filled with macho decor and the usual things, a skateboard, bed, lamp, computer, boombox, electric guitar and oh yes an acoustic guitar. More photos of his room here!
Then in season 1 episode 15 "The Third Wheel" The gang is hanging out at "The OC Club" where Oliver hooked everyone up with a backstage passes to the Rooney concert. As Luke hangs out backstage, Oliver hands Luke an acoustic guitar..Luke immediately starts playing a song he wrote, singing a sweet lullaby assuming called "Rosanna". This is a comical scene and is yet another reason why Luke's character is awesome! This scene is totally random coming from him but then again its during Luke's metamorphosis into being a nice guy and great friend.

So look closely at both photos. The guitar Luke is holding is the same guitar as seen in his room. The prop manager probably thought that nobody would notice or care but we did and we do!

Dear prop manager..your fired!
UPDATE 11/9/16!!! The guitar shows up 2 more places!
In season 1 episode 25 "The Shower" The guitar is magically in Jimmy's apartment!
Who would have thought Jimmy is a closet musician?
Then in season 2 Episode 1 "The Distance" we see the same guitar back at Luke's new Portland house living room! See the guitar to the right near the bookshelf. That guitar gets passed around more than Julie Cooper!
But wait theirs more!!
Everything The O.C. Bonus features:

Battle of the songs! Chris Carmack's The O.C. Performance VS Nashville Performance!
Here we have the very scene noted above from The O.C. 2003 season 1 episode 15 
"The Third Wheel".
The next scene in the video is 10 years later in 2013 Chris Carmack plays a country singer named "Will Lexington" on the hit ABC show "Nashville". He performs the song "What If I was willing". As many people don't realize Chris Carmack is actually a real musician. 
Which performance do you like better?
Read more about what Chris Carmack has been up to here!

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