Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: Four Alternative Pilot Cop Car Chase Vehicles!

Here at Everything The O.C. we like to imagine and dream up alternate O.C. story lines. We like to call it The O.C. Fan Fiction. You know, exploring the what if's or reinventing the past and what not. For instance what if Sandy's favorite breakfast meal was Cheerios instead of bagels (oh the horror).

In the pilot episode of The O.C., we see two figures scoping out a nice late 70's style Chevrolet Camaro in the middle of the night. The older brother Trey ends up smashing the driver side front window and hot-wires the car in record timing. He then forces his little brother Ryan to get in and drives away like he stole it (oh that's right he did steal it). A cop car witnesses the crime and chases after them. After a short police chase, Trey crashes the car against an electrical box and the rest is history.

Below are four alternative vehicles situations that would be or not be better get-away vehicles than the Cheverolet Camaro. Enjoy!

Ryan: You sure about this?
Trey: Yeah man, it's a hoveround, you can take it to the Grand Canyon and back

Ryan: You ever ride a tandem bike before?
Trey: Yeah one time in the circus..No Ryan! What kind of a question is that? Just get on the back and make sure to pedal - i'm not doing all the work!

Ryan: I don't know Trey, this looks like a setup! Those are worth like 5 grand a piece!
Trey: Ryan! If it was a setup there would be more than two Segway scooters! Time to play mall cop! Just like old times little brother!

Ryan: What is the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile doing in Chino?
Trey: I don't know and I don't care! Mom hasn't fed us in days and I could really use a hot dog or five!

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