Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The O.C. Memorable Moment: Sandy tries to teach Ryan how to play golf!

This has to be at-least in the top 5 best The O.C. moments ever. This moment comes from season 1 episode 16 "The Links". In the scene you have Ryan, not the most athletic (at least in rich people sports), Sandy trying to teach Ryan how to play golf using a coffee cup/smooth words and Seth in the pool to catch the loose golf balls all the while serving as extra comic relief (as usual).

Feeling like Marissa is spending too much time with Oliver - Ryan gets extra uneasy, angsty and high-strung and the upcoming Oliver Palm Springs hang out isn't helping either nor is Sandy's golf techniques or Seth's sarcastic banter! Which of course makes for a a truly funny and classic scene. Watch this hilarious scene above!

Best quote from this scene:

Sandy: "You don't play golf you don't spa, what do you do?"

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