Tuesday, November 27, 2018

The O.C. in the News: Update on 6210 Ocean Breeze Drive (sad news)

6210 destruction left from woolsey malibu fire the oc pilot house

Special Malibu - Woolsey Fire Update

Earlier this month we had reported about the possibilities of Woolsey fire damage on the 6210 Ocean Breeze Drive home aka the pilot O.C. house - read about that here first. At the time we were uncertain on what extent the reported damage may have been. Since then we have very sad news to report. to O.C. fans everywhere. A twitter user @SteveCovington had brought to our attention that the 6210 Ocean Breeze Drive home has been completely leveled. Further proof is in these recently released aerial images of the Malibu area. Thanks for the share Steve.

6210 destruction left from woolsey malibu fire the oc pilot house

You are looking at what is now left of the 6210 Ocean Breeze Drive home (this house was the only one to suffer any damage on the Ocean Breeze Drive cul de sac. If you look closely (or not) you will see that the whole structure of the home has been completely burned to the ground into nothing.

6210 destruction left from woolsey malibu fire the oc pilot house

The only part of the house that remains is the front driveway and backyard pool area. Notice how the pool, hot-tub and outdoor grill kitchen area still remain. 

You may not know but the backyard of this Malibu home (as well as some interior rooms, kitchen where Ryan makes breakfast and Kirsten and Sandy talk, Seth's room, living room where Seth and Ryan first met) was all filmed here. Do you remember the scene when Ryan wakes up from the pool house and walks outside to take in the amazing view? That was all shot at this now destroyed house. See the above video scene for reference. Knowing what we know now - it will be a little eerie re-watching the pilot episode.

The above photo was from a recent real-estate listing. The home was worth around 7 million dollars at the time of its demise. As you can see from the above photo - no pool house, this is because after the pilot episode the pool house was dismantled and rebuilt along with the backyard area and everything else on a sound-stage at an Manhattan Beach studio. More on that here

6210 destruction left from woolsey malibu fire the oc pilot house

Lastly here is a very sobering before and after image. We pray that the owners of this home got out safe before it caught fire. 

6205 ocean breeze drive oc house cohen

On a positive note we are very happy that the 6205 Ocean Breeze Drive home  (the house we see the front of in nearly every episode and located on the same street) and Marissa's house was left untouched from the blaze. 

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