Monday, November 5, 2018

The O.C. Merchandise: The O.C. Perfume and Cologne!

Did you know that The O.C. once had an officially licensed line of perfume and cologne? Yes - it's very true it was called "OC for Him" and OC for Her"..Pretty lame names considering they could have easily been called Angsty Atwood and Bender Barbie but we digress. The great news though is that the cologne and perfume can still be found readily affordable online - search eBay, Amazon etc..

Legend has it that the pool house smelled just like the "OC for Him" scent - but we may never really know! We've recently sampled the cologne and we give it a solid 2 thumbs up! Interested in reading more about it? Check out this previously written article here for a deeper dive on the cologne!

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Captain Oats says thank you in advance in his horsey speak!