Saturday, December 1, 2018

Lovable Props From The O.C.: Jimmy Coopers Actual Drivers License Prop!

Now that's the face of a truly great dad

What you are feasting your eyes on here is photos of Jimmy Cooper's actual drivers license that was used during The O.C. filming. This ID was kept safe in Jimmy's wallet through all the thieving, buying Julie fro-yo's and getting beaten up by filthy gangsters!

wow it's so blank

This prop was custom-made by the O.C. production team for use in various episodes of the series. The California license features the image of Jimmy and his personal information. Some of the image has been blurred in grey in order to keep from duplication. This drivers license was sold to an unknown buyer on a now defunct prop site for $100 dollars on March 21st 2015.

The auction seller masked out certain details of this ID but the experts at ETOC cleaned it up because we love our fans. So feel free to print this puppy out and display it proudly in your O.C. memorabilia collection! Make sure the dimensions reflect that of a real license.

Bonus observations: The funny thing about the address on Jimmy's license is that "6201" is actually the first part of the real address location of Marissa's house in the pilot episode. It's like the creators were trying to leave fans with little bread crumbs! The real filming location was not located in Newport Beach but in a gated Malibu cul de sac. The filming house address was 6201 Ocean Breeze Drive Malibu, CA 90265. Sadly another famous pilot filming house on the same street was recenlty burned to the ground, check that out here! Furthermore the birth year on the ID, 1964 reflected Tate Donovan's actual age (39) when the first season kicked off! So cool!!

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