Monday, September 3, 2018

O.C. Fan Fiction: The Labor Day

Sandy stumbles into the kitchen holding a boatload of cleaning supplies - Seth and Ryan are eating breakfast and flipping through their phones as usual..

Sandy: Alright boys - it's time for you guys to experience the joys of Labor Day..
Seth: Oh dad were already experiencing a relaxing day off - thanks though..
Ryan: Seth I think he's referring to labor like work - I mean look at all the cleaning supplies..
Seth: Isn't that Rosa's job, speaking of - what happened to her, ah those were the good ole days pops..
Ryan looks puzzled
Sandy: I'm not quite sure but who needs a maid when we got the two of you!
Sandy hands Ryan and Mop and Seth a broom
Seth: I usually get the mop, cause at the Bait Shop...
Ryan gives Seth a annoyed look and interupts
Ryan: You worked there for like a week Seth I don't think that was enough time to start claiming the mop..
Seth: Very true buddy, very true..I've always thought of myself as a sweeper anyhow
Ryan: Whatever you say..
Sandy: aw you guys get along so well - let me know when your finished - i'm going to go watch Rocky while I wait for Kirsten to come home..
Sandy walks off to the living room
Seth: Very fair dad..very fair..

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