Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The O.C. Merchandise: Free Marissa T-Shirt!

free marissa the oc shirt tshirt black

The Free Marissa t-shirt is NOW available in the 

free marissa the oc shirt tshirt black

Available in the classic black and white 
but also a bunch more other fun colors as seen above!

If you need a refresher - Operation Free Marissa was apart of a season three plot to get Marissa back into Harbor. Marissa was attending a "dirty poor public school" with an alternate core-four group much like Ryan, Seth and Summer (pretty boy, geek, pretty girl). Ryan, Seth and Summer wanted to get Marissa back into Harbor. Of course the roadblock in their plan was the faculty/staff and the harbor students parents, they didn't want a gun toting blonde going to their precious private school. So thus the Operation Free Marissa campaign was kicked off. During this lovely and short campaign - t-shirts and signs were created as a mini protest - we all know how it ended too!

Do your part for the cause by wearing this t-shirt everyday!

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