Thursday, June 19, 2014

The O.C. Woops: I think the Cohen's forgot something on their door

See anything wrong in this picture? Here we have Season 1 Episode 2 "The Model Home". During this scene Kirsten goes outside to have a secret conversation about Jimmy needing to "borrow" a hundred thousand dollars, yeah Jimmy it is a lot, we all need one hundred grand, I guess its nice to be next door neighbor to a money tree! Now as you probably already know, the only time the cast and crew went to the real on location Cohen house was for the pilot episode and a select few scenes during the series. The real life Cohen house is in Malibu, CA not Newport. After the shows pilot was a success the creators built a life size replica of the Cohen house at The Raleigh Studios in LA where the majority of scenes take place (in a controlled environment). So anyways during this scene the camera goes to the Cohen front door and out comes Kirsten on the phone in a very worried manor..The door opens and we see the real house door complete guess it a a black realtor style lock box. This is an exclusive woops/goof/blooper that I haven't seen anywhere else!

My theory is (this is just a really good assumption) that during the filming of episode 2 the house was for sale or vacant and or the studio rented out time to use the house. The owner/realtor left them the keys to the mansion via front door lock box..That way the studio could come back to the physical Cohen house location to fill in some shots for the show etc.. My problem with this is well its pretty noticeable surely it was deliberate, I mean it kinda blends in!?! Maybe Sandy secretly had the put house on the market to then move the family to Berkeley, we may never know. I would love to get a hold some production notes from the episodes.

Here we can see another angle from the scene complete with The Cooper house in the background obviously proving that this scene was filmed at the real house.

Furthermore as saw above this scene was shot at the physical real Cohen house because of the extra detail around and under the door, where the door seals completely shut without a gap via door insulation. The Cohen studio house below has large gaps underneath the front door which gives it an obvious studio look aka no one but the huge fans aka me and you will notice. Look below (ignore the bad Photoshop skills, painted Ryan out), that's a heck of a gap under the door, talk about all your cool air going out window or in this case the door!

Where to find this: Season 1 Episode 2 "The Model Home" (ironically maybe the real Cohen house a model at the time too?!)

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