Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rare Glimpses: Inside the Cohen House - Ryan's Poolhouse Bathroom

A rare and I mean tiny glimpse into the mysterious life of Ryan's bathroom! Here we see a small crack into the secret life of Ryan, where the magic happens etc. I have been always wondering if there was anything actually back there and this proves that there at least is matching interior paint and a mirror. Perhaps the bathroom serves as a makeup area or better yet a working set bathroom? I don't even  know but I will tell you that bathrooms are highly untelevised on The O.C. so take this view in we may never see more than this!


While watching more of season 2 I noticed this shot that enables us to see a bit more of the bathroom area of the pool house. We can see two pictures hung up and what looks to possibly be a hamper.

Where to find it: Season 2 Episode 6 The Christmukkah That Almost Wasn't
AND Season 2 Episode 9 The Ex Factor

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