Sunday, June 15, 2014

Rare Glimpses: Ryan's Chino Room - Rare Photos!

Here at Everything The O.C. we like to track down those rare moments, the ones that just fly by your screen faster than you can even gather what you just saw. We like to slow those moments for you with what we like to call Rare Glimpses.

Today we reveal Ryan's old trashy room from Season 1 Episode 1, boy its far from the looks of the pool-house! As Ryan is packing his belongings and prized possessions (namely his 5 pack of wife beaters) we get a nice glimpse on what Ryan's life was like before he turned into a Cohen. From what we know Ryan's room was used only in the pilot episode, we never see it again. What we can gather from the photo's Ryan shared the room with Trey - The room includes a TV, VCR, two mattresses sitting on the floor, a whole lot of stickers/posters on the wall, skateboard, a bong, a jack in the box cup, some CD's and a bunch of other clutter. Two mattresses you say? Yes two mattresses that never seen the light of day or really the whole other side of the room for that matter..I went deep diving and found a uber rare pre production photo from the set designer Jaymes Hinkle that worked on the pilot episode. This is the other side of the room that we never got to see, this is O.C. GOLD, take it all in!

System of a Down posters, TOOL, TRAPT, Dragon Ball Z, Dirtbikes

Whats with all the skateboards on the walls I mean I wouldn't take Ryan for a skateboarder so maybe his brother Trey was the skater in the Atwood family, maybe he enjoyed stealing cars and stealing skateboards. Never the less the scenes from Ryan's room and house in general went by very fast but to be honest the looks of it makes you want to leave quick and also gives you a true sense of what Ryan was going through day to day. Good Riddance Ryan's Old Room, on to the POOL-HOUSE!

Noteworthy quote: "This ain't your house, man!"

Where to see it: Season 1 Episode 1

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