Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The O.C. Video Clips: Watch the O.C. like its still 2003 - commercials and all!

There is an epic vintage O.C. recording of "The Escape" we recently found on the web and it couldn't be more nostalgic! Not only does this episode feature that home-made low resolution VHS recording vibe but also includes the commercials from that early 2000 era as well! This is as close to it get's to enjoying The O.C. the way it actually aired!

Watch it here > https://archive.org/details/The_OC_FOX_WOC_2003-09-16 (YouTube would not allow us to upload it due to copyright issues)

Notice the Verizon commercial at 4:22 - we believe this was Bradley Stryker aka Ryan Atwoods first brother (before he was switched out for Logan Marshall Green). 

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