Monday, January 14, 2019

Announcements: And the Chrismukkah giveaway winner is....

Thanks to everyone that entered into our Chrismukkah giveaway! We really enjoyed reading so many great stories, the effort you guys put into it was fantastic! One major thing stuck out while reading through the submissions - this was that everyone really found safety and companionship in watching The O.C..Another interesting theme was that many of you had preconceived notions about the show being lame but then once you started watching you were absolutely hooked!

We also learned that you guys/gals watch the series religiously (every year or more) and feel like the characters in The O.C. are practically your own family too. That's exactly what makes The O.C. special compared to a lot of other shows out there, its just a very comforting and nostalgic show to watch! The O.C. captures a certain magic that no other show to date has and we think that's why new and old fans keep loving the show year after year.

But enough of all that! Now to the good stuff! We have chosen a winner of our Chrismukkah contest! Captain oats stampede drum roll please..*horse sound*..

The winner is The UBER, SUPER O.C. fan - (quite possibly the biggest O.C. fan ever) named Kameron from Seattle, Washington! We were really moved by his fan story, his upbringing really resembled Ryan's! Great job Kameron! Read his fantastic submission below to see what we mean! 

Here is Kameron and his cat

Dear Everything The O.C.

I discovered The O.C. when it premiered back in August 2003 the summer before 10th grade. I’ve been a diehard fan ever since. At the time I discovered the show I was a 15 year old boy who had just spent his freshman year of high school getting his ass kicked at military school in Carlsbad, CA. Then my sophomore year I got to come back home to Seattle, WA but the stipulations for my return were I had to go to a private Lutheran High School, and I had to play a sport. Going from a real hostile environment like military school to a Private Lutheran High School was a bit of a culture shock. I felt a lot like Ryan moving from Chino to The O.C. so the show just really resonated with me. I was a bit of an outsider, even did a few days in juvie for a crime I didn’t commit, (LONG STORY, No you’re being defensive!😂). I took the case to trial and was found not guilty. Even though I didn’t have a Sandy Cohen for a lawyer though it all worked out lol. I connected with the show on such a personal level cause it was such a compelling fish out of water story. I didn’t feel I was a bad kid but coming from military school to a private Lutheran high school I certainly was treated like one at times. Also I was kind of a troublemaker but any fights I got in were mostly self defense, except for those ones that weren’t (Ok so I was kind of a resentful, ill tempered young man 😂). But it was nice watching this show and viewing this character just struggling to be a normal teenager under trying circumstances with family and school and having to navigate through it all and hold it all together. 

Kameron is quite the O.C. trivia king!

The show just really hit home for me. Also I love the music, the characters, the chracter development, really everything, I’m what you would call an obsessed fan. I listen to podcasts about it, I do a re-watch about once a year but I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve seen the series all the way through. I’ve included a few pics, one is of this trivia game I used to play and I would only play The O.C and was the best in the U.S. for a little bit.
How cool is that!!

Also included a hilarious pic of an art piece my fiancé had commissioned of me, Seth and Ryan! Thank you for the consideration!

Merry Chrismukkah!

Kameron Lo #1 fan
Seattle, WA
Isn't that an amazing fan story?! Kameron thanks so much for being a fan of The O.C. but furthermore a big fan of our site! We will reach out to you via email for your prize details - thanks buddy!  

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