Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Cars of The O.C.: To Infinity and Beyond!

Before Benjamin Mckenzie hit it big with the O.C. he was living the poor life in NYC and driving around in a 1987 Cadillac Deville (click link to see) that he paid 500 bucks for! When Ben moved to L.A. and started working on The O.C. things drastically changed for him!

Ben didn't go out and buy crazy yachts and homes with pool houses with his new fame and fortune but he did buy an apartment in Santa Monica and in particular a nice 2004 Silver Infiniti g35 2 door coupe!

The original base price of this particular model was around $29,500.00, the car had a total of 280 horse power! Still a modest choice price-wise for a young up and coming star yet quite the upgrade from his old Caddy at 130 horse power! As you can see from the pictures he pumped premium gas into this baby, quite the big spender Ben! Out of the the younger O.C. cast-mates Ben was rumored to be the most modest spender of the group and was able to save the majority of his O.C. money! Kudos!

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