Friday, August 28, 2015

The O.C. Mystery: The Cohen's Roof Never Destroyed?!

In the last few episodes of The O.C. we find out that the beloved Cohen home was "destroyed" by an earthquake. 6 months later, according to the inspector, "the house is in a non repairable state". Their roof and structural damage was so bad that the Cohen's were forced to abandon the house, hit the road to Berkeley (where Seth was born) and convince the current owners of their old house to sell it to them.

The problem though with all of this is if you watch the end of "The Night Moves" closely (OR NOT) the establishing shot of the Cohen house paints the roof in perfect untouched condition. Look at the photo above, this is the shot they show us after the earthquake, you can even see the old Cooper house to the left in great condition as well. So as the Cohen's pull up to the house they are in great spirits, I would be too because the house looks wonderful. Only till they open up the front door do the Cohen's realize the true destruction within.

As they walk in they see the true devastation, look at that destruction! The roof is completely off the house, (living room portion) which could have included Seth's room above it (although I don't see captain oats among the wreckage). I mean look at that hole, clearly we would be able to see that kind of damage from the outside house shot.

The sky is completely viewable, its basically like a huge sunroof only it doesn't close again! Look at that sky! I must say good job to the CGI folks for the moving blue sky special effects! We get a taste of how the Cohen backyard could have looked like if they applied a green screen to the backdrop behind the pool instead of the painted one.
Here's another angle of the destruction complete with a real pelican l just walking about the wreckage!
I know that the Cohen house was filmed on a sound-stage at Raleigh Studios but the fact that the creators didn't alter the front house shot a little baffles me. I get it though the Cohen's and the viewer weren't suppose to see any damage until they walked into the house (for a dramatic twist effect) but come on, there should have been a little damage on the outside!
Then 3 months later to episode 16 "The End is Not Near It's Here"(boo the last episode of The O.C.), the house inspector and the Cohen's meet. The inspector lets the Cohen's know the sobering truth. Interestingly enough the lighting in the living room gives you the illusion that the roof was rebuilt and or covered.
Eager as a Cohen waiting for their bagel, they stand waiting for the inspector to give them the 411.

Inspector bad news then gives the Cohen's his verdict on the state of the house. He dishes the bad news on a cold dish! The foundation has been apparently ruined by the earthquake as well as other portions of the home. The Cohen's are discouraged to hear the bad news. Sad thing is they don't even get a second opinion! They just start looking for a new house right away!

Perhaps in the 3 months since the earthquake the Cohen's tried getting things repaired but realized after the inspectors news that it was a lost cause and a waste of money. We may never solve the mystery of the Cohen disappearing and reappearing roof but one things for certain the Cohen house on The O.C. was pretty much just another character on the show and one that was hard to say goodbye to!
Here is a sample of how the shows creators should have depicted the Cohen house as the Cohen's pulled up in the driveway in pure horror to see their home after the storm! 
I can see it now:
Sandy: "Oh look honey, on the bright-side we got ourselves a convertible!"
Seth: "Yeah cause mid-life crisis's work with houses too dad."
Kirsten: "Sandy!"
Sandy: "I'm just saying our heating bills are going to be through the roof is all.."
Seth: Zing dad literally, through the roof, get it..due to the roof being missing.."
Kirsten: "Seth!"
Ryan: "Looks like the pool house was completely unscathed guys, roof and all...
who wants to move in?"
Seth: "I'll be right there Ryan, I just gotta find captain oats...Nayyyy little buddy Nayyyy!"

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