Thursday, August 27, 2015

The O.C. in the News: The Cohen House is for sale!

Look familiar? The house of all houses is back on the market! For a cool 6.5 million YOU could own the famous O.C. exterior Cohen family home! The house is located in Malibu (not in Newport) in a prestigious privately gated community. At 6,376-square-foot the 6 bed, 7 bathroom house is pretty much totally different on the inside than what we saw on TV. This is because the creators used another house on the same street that inspired the interiors and pool/poolhouse area that we saw on TV. After the pilot episode a full-scale studio model was constructed that compiled the front exterior of 6205 Ocean Breeze Drive(the house above) and the interiors/pool/backyard area of 6210 Ocean Breeze Drive. More on that here.

Look no pool house and a completely different backyard. Previously owned by Dianne Burnett ex wife of Mark Burnett (creator of Survivor). Word is that it does not come with a Range Rover or a BMW but I hear if you can afford this house you probably already have them! 

In case you're wondering above is the 6210 Ocean Breeze Drive home which was used in the pilot episode and was the inspiration for the back yard when it was built in studio. Do you see that empty square grassy area? That is where the temporary pool house Ryan slept at in the pilot episode sat. It was taken down and then rebuilt in the Raleigh Studios.

Compare the very top photo and this one from 2007. Looks like the plants have ran wild and are swallowing up the house whole! Furthermore the window trim and doors feature a different paint color too. Definitely looks cleaner and better in the 2007 photo!

So moral of the story is, you better snatch this one up quick before the Newport Group does! PS Inspect it for roof and foundation damage I heard it once suffered an earthquake in 2007!

Listing can be seen here

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