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The O.C. Fan Art: Ryan Atwood Fan Drawling!

ryan atwood benjamin mckenzie fan art drawling the o.c.

Look at this stud, It's Ryan Atwood! How do we know this? Well for one the unknown artist said it was but just in case we'll use our Ryan Atwood checklist to make sure:
  • Dirty wife beater check
  • Leather jacket hoody combo check
  • Angsty wrong side of the tracks choker check
  • Chapped lip Chino smile check...

Wait is it just me or does Ryan kinda look like the kid from the 6th Sense here? Not sure what's going on with that but its beautiful never the less..I mean look at that hair shading, we aren't dealing with an amateur that's for sure, the artist is at least 12! 

benjamin mckenzie ryan atwood the oc leather jacket hoodie

Clearly this season 1 promo photo was the inspiration for the above drawling! We suspect tracing was involved at first and then they just winged the rest. 

Feel free to send us your fan art via Twitter or Facebook and we'll post it especially if its horrible!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The O.C. Interviews: Early 2004 O.C. Interview with Benjamin Mckenzie!

benjamin mckenzie and adam brody pose for promo O.C photo

Article by Katie Sullivan
From: The Cavalier Daily (Independent daily news organization at the University of Virginia)
Article date: January 21st 2004

Ben McKenzie doesn't have it bad.

The 2001 College graduate has established himself in his chosen profession -- acting -- by landing the role of main character Ryan on Fox's hit new teen drama, "The O.C.," which airs at 9 p.m. tonight.

He took some time out of his busy shooting schedule -- his lunch break, to be exact -- to talk with The Cavalier Daily. Not every alumnus has a publicist.

As Ryan, McKenzie plays a teen with a troubled past, arrested for stealing a car with his brother and subsequently abandoned by his mother. He is taken in by his public defender, played by Peter Gallagher, and must transition from his working-class Chino past to the sometimes ridiculously opulent lifestyle of Orange County, California.

But McKenzie said Ryan's background has little in common with his own past.

"I was a football player, got a good degree from a great university -- little shout out to U.Va. there -- and I had a very wonderful family and grew up in a great environment," McKenzie said.

But he does feel he and Ryan are somewhat a match of personalities.

"I'm a fairly quiet, thoughtful, passionate guy, and I think Ryan is too," McKenzie said.

McKenzie's double majors, foreign affairs and economics, are not the most obvious for someone interested in acting, but he said that his interest in the theater didn't start until college.

"I came to U.Va. from Austin, Texas, where I played football and was not an actor -- I didn't have the guts to do it. When I came to U.Va. I didn't really know what I wanted to do, but I was intending to do something like politics or history or literature," McKenzie said. "But I tried out for a play and got cast, and I loved that experience and kept doing it again and again."

As graduation approached he wasn't sure whether he wanted to pursue acting or try something more conventional -- but eventually acting won out.

He spent the summer after graduation working with the Williamstown Theater Festival in Massachusetts and then moved to New York City in fall of 2001.

"It was right before Sept. 11. I got up there and it was a mess. The theater scene in large part shut down, so I waited tables and auditioned," he said. "I had the opportunity to go to L.A. so I packed a bag, figuring I'd be back in a week, but a week later I was still there and a year later I was still there."

And right after that he landed the job on "The O.C."

"It's a very 'go west young man seeking fame and fortune' kind of story," McKenzie said. "I had no plan. It was very haphazard. To be honest, in this business it's very haphazard how you make it anyway. You try to become a good actor by studying and working on it and then you give it a shot, and there's no way to guarantee success or failure."

His advice to students interested in following in his footsteps is to consider whether it's what you really want to do and then give it your all.

And be prepared to deal with disappointment with an open mind, McKenzie said.

"The most hardworking guy doesn't always get the job," he explained. "You have to understand that and be okay with that."

McKenzie is certainly working hard now.

He spends up to 12 hours a day working on the show, mostly on the set.

"It's a lot less glamorous and different than one would imagine. It's normal lives and normal people, of which I am one," McKenzie said. "You have different requirements, basically. Instead of having to do research for a presentation, you have to do a couple of interviews to promote a show."

McKenzie said he believes part of the reason the media has picked up so heavily on the show is that it is a break from cop, lawyer and reality TV.

The casts' looks don't hurt either.

Asked if Peter Gallagher is as hot on TV as he is in real life, McKenzie said he was.

"It's a pretty attractive cast, I have to say, both guys and girls," McKenzie said. "We're doing all right for ourselves."

The cast works five or six episodes ahead of what the show is airing, depending on when reruns air and other factors.

"It's mildly amusing to have people who are very avid fans want to know if Marissa is going to break up with Ryan," McKenzie said. "It's interesting to watch because as an actor you know what's coming up but the rest of the world doesn't."

He finds the working world on the set to be "a wonderfully cooperative environment."

"Josh [the creator] is 27 years old, and me being 25 I'm able to talk to him almost as a peer," McKenzie said. "I sit down with him after each draft, and anything I think is a trouble spot we work through it. I can't stress enough how important it is, and rare. Other shows end up being an environment where they tell you what's going to happen."

McKenzie said the cast members are able to have a fair amount of influence on their characters, especially Adam Brody, who plays the sarcastic Seth.

"Adam's able to put his own comedy and humor into the show, and I'm able to adjust the dialogue to something I think is semi-accurate," McKenzie said. "[Josh] also bases some of the show off of our lives."

He cited an example in which a conversation between he and Adam about girls turned up in the script.

"You have to watch yourself when you're around Josh," McKenzie said.

McKenzie's time at the University was full of normal activities. He streaked the Lawn. His favorite restaurant was Michael's Bistro, although he enjoyed going downtown to C&O when his parents were in town to foot the bill. He lived in Emmet his first year.

While serious about his studies, he spent most of his free time doing theater. "Mainly what happened was I would go to class during the day and have rehearsal at night," McKenzie said.

He worked in several productions, including a role as the duke in "Measure for Measure" during his fourth year, for any current fourth years who might have seen him during their first year.

He also enjoyed working with several of the professors in the drama department, including Betsy Tucker, Richard Warner and Gwen West, who he stressed were in no particular order.

"I look back and think U.Va. really is a wonderful place to go to school," McKenzie said. "Not to be too much of a dork, but it's a great learning environment. The professors are genuinely there to teach, and at other schools they're there to research."

Anyone looking for evidence of McKenzie in the yearbook isn't going to find him, however, because McKenzie is not his real last name.

He changed to his middle name -- his full name is Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan -- because there was already an actor with a similar name in the union.

"He's in 'Angels in America' [and also last week's episode of 'Law and Order'] -- Ben Shenkman," McKenzie said. "It was causing confusion already, so I thought it would be simpler and easier if I went with my middle name."

McKenzie enjoyed following University sports while an undergraduate, especially football and basketball, "with the lovely court that Jefferson signed." He tries to follow the teams now, but they don't get onto television too often in Los Angeles, where he is now working.

Despite his high school background as a football player, McKenzie did not play any sports while at the University, although he did have a brief encounter with rugby.

"I played rugby for a while with a hallmate, Chris Turner -- a great guy. Rugby players are much scarier than football players, they do it without pads -- they're really nice guys but they're crazy," McKenzie said. "I'm not big enough to do it and not break. It was fun though. I had no idea what I was doing, running around trying to throw the ball to someone."

McKenzie said he sees the future as pretty wide open.

"In the near future I'd love to break into film and try my hand at different roles and different genres," he said.

Asked if he wants to be an actor for the rest of his life, he said there's no way to be sure.

"I love what I do," McKenzie said. "But it's hard to say at age 25. Four years ago I didn't know I wanted to be an actor. I'm interested in government and politics, and other aspects of the business, like directing, producing, writing."

And of course he'd like to come back to visit his alma mater.

"Wahoowa. Hopefully I'll make it back some day, be able to hang out again," McKenzie said. "It was a great time, a great school. I'll never be able to do it again"

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The O.C. Holidays: Happy Easter!!

The staff at Everything The O.C. would just like to say have a very happy Easter and thanks again for supporting this site! We consider you part of the family! Cheers!

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The O.C. Whoops: Range Rover window reflection reveals camera in shot?

the o.c. blooper whoops tv show

We are back with another O.C. Whoops! This time a good ole camera reflection get in the frame! Classic mistake guys! The Whoops happens in Season 1 Episode 11 "The Homecoming"- the scene is where Ryan and Marissa head over to see Trey in prison and bring him Kirsten's store bought dessert (thank god).

the o.c. blooper whoops tv show Ryan marissa camera

As you can see when Ryan and Marissa peel out and head to see trey, the camera on the reflection of the Range Rover window, the black square camera is easily seen. What is also revealed is the Cohens front facade set (see the column and roof).

cohen house the o.c behind the scenes

Here is a one-of-a-kind rare photo of the actual Cohen house set front facade. As you can see it matches with the scene above. Notice how there isn't anything attaching at certain points of the house, this is because the cameras never went up that high, therefor appearing to be a real complete house to the viewer. 

cohen house the o.c behind the scenes

This set front was built as very close replica to the actual house in Malibu..As you can see some details are different from the set built front vs the actual front. But like Seth Cohen says "That's Hollywood for ya!".

Friday, March 31, 2017

The O.C. Rare Photos: Season 3 Photo Shoot Video + Photos!

Here we have a very rare season 3 promotional photo shoot video! This rare video gives you a peek of what it was like for the actors during their off-screen time for The O.C..This video was a very hard to find so appreciate it in all of its glory! Actors in the photo shoot are as follows: Benjamin Mckenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke, Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan. The photos in this shoot were used to promote the show through various mediums. 
Below are the photos from the video above. Enjoy!

Benjamin Mckenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, Melinda Clarke, Peter Gallagher and Kelly Rowan pose for promotional promo photo season 3 the o.c.

Benjamin Mckenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, pose for promotional promo photo season 3 the o.c.

Benjamin Mckenzie, Mischa Barton, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, pose for promotional promo photo season 3 the o.c.

benjamin mckenzie leather jacket season 3 the o.c. promo promotional photo

benjamin mckenzie leather jacket season 3 the o.c. promo promotional photo

benjamin mckenzie blue muscle shirt blue jeans pose season 3 the o.c. photo shoot

adam brody penguin shirt season 3 the o.c. promo promotional photo shoot

adam brody penguin shirt season 3 the o.c. promo promotional photo shoot

mischa barton purple tank top season 3 the o.c. promo photo shoot

mischa barton purple tank top season 3 the o.c. promo photo shoot

rachel bilson puple tank top the o.c. season 3 promotional promo shot photo

rachel bilson puple tank top the o.c. season 3 promotional promo shot photo

rachel bilson blue tank top the o.c. season 3 promotional promo shot photo

rachel bilson blue tank top the o.c. season 3 promotional promo shot photo

kelly rowan the o.c. season 3 promotional promo photo photos

kelly rowan the o.c. season 3 promotional promo photo photos

kelly rowan the o.c. season 3 promotional promo photo photos

Melinda Clarke season 3 promo promotional photo photos

Melinda Clarke season 3 promo promotional photo photos

Melinda Clarke season 3 promo promotional photo photos jeans

peter gallagher blue sweatshirt jeans season 3 promo promotional photo photos

peter gallagher blue sweatshirt season 3 promo promotional photo photos

adam brody corduroy jacket season 3 promo promotional photo photoshoot

mischa barton season 3 promo promotional photo corduroy

peter gallagher blue sweatshirt promo promotional photo photos season 3 the o.c.

adam brody, mischa barton, rachel bilson, benjamin mckenzie pose for season 3 promotional photos

melinda clarke, peter gallagher, kelly rowan, benjamin mckenzie, mischa barton, rachel bilson and adam brody pose for season 3 the o.c. promotional photo photos


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Obscure O.C. Trivia: The Cohens and The Roberts house addresses revealed!

Yes its true, in Season 4 Episode 7 "The Chrismukkah Huh?" Ryan receives a late letter from Marissa before her untimely passing. The scene is quick but if you pause at the right time, both Marissa and Ryan's addresses are revealed. This knowledge is bound to push you ahead of any so called fan of The O.C..

Our team of experts digitized and enhanced the above image above revealing the actual address where the Cohens lived! Not only that but it also reveals Summer's house address when Marissa was living with Summer and her dad Neil!

The addresses read:

Ryan Atwood
6203 Bluffside Terrace
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Marissa Cooper
4944 Pelican Grove Circle 
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Sadly in reality there is no 6203 Bluffside Terrace or 4944 Pelican Grove Circle. These addresses were completely made up. Most likely to give the real home owners the privacy they need. Interestingly enough though the Cohen house number is only 2 off of the real thing!

The actual Cohen address of the house we see the front of briefly in nearly every O.C. episode is:

6205 Ocean Breeze Drive, Malibu, CA.
Located in a private gated community
Still for sale as of  March 2017, buy price is $6,795,000

The above house was used strictly in the first few episodes of The O.C. and mainly for external front shots after that. These shots included different cars pulling in and out of the driveway as well as multiple weather conditions, all filmed at once and reused over and over. They did use the front of the house once more in the last episode when Ryan says goodbye. The actual interiors of this house are completely different than in the show. The interiors of the Cohen house we see in the series were built entirely on sound stages 27 and 28 at Manhattan Beach Studios. The interiors and pool area were inspired by a house on the same cul de sac in the Malibu community. More about that here!

Fun fact: Dianne Burnett ex wife of Mark Burnett (creator of Survivor, SharkTank - divorced in 2003) lived in "The Cohen House" till it recently went up for sale. 

The Actual Roberts address is:

28685 Wagon Road  Agoura Hills, CA 
Located within a gated community called Paramount Ranch Estates
Current market estimate in 2017 is $7 million

The external shots of Summers house was filmed at this location as well as the backyard pool shots. Most of everything else was filmed in stages 27 and 28 at Manhattan Beach Studios (same place where the Cohen house set was).

Fun fact: This house is over 12,000 square feet in size, the home is fully solar powered as well as solar heated for the pool. Also features 2500 square foot gym, driving range (3 par hole) with sand traps, putting & chipping greens, a  lighted tennis court, ball machine, horseshoe pit, solar heated pool and spa, water fountains, dry river bed, organic vegetable garden, fruit trees, room for meditation pavilion overlooking Ladyface Mountain, and a three acre meadow for horses/animals plus room for barns. Holy cow, what a house!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mixed Emotions: Ryan looks a little too happy in Tijuana?

Mixed emotions: When an O.C. character has an inappropriate or out of character reaction to a certain moment or situation.

There is a strong mixed emotion going on in the Tijuana episode aka Season 1 Episode 7 "The Escape". If you look closely at the moment when Marissa catches her boyfriend Luke Ward dancing with her best friend Holly Fisher, you will see that Marissa's reaction is spot on and normal to what's happening. On the other end of the spectrum Ryan's reaction is on a whole other island, he's delighted, I mean look at that smirk! He's a couple jokes away from barfing up his tequila! Which begs the question, is Ryan Atwood much more sadistic than we all thought at this point in the show? One theory could be he thinks seeing Luke and Holly is utterly hilarious because he knows Marissa will break up with Luke and then he can swoop in, perhaps he finds this thought exciting. But to laugh/smirk when Marissa is already going through a tough time, parents getting a divorce, her sisters pony has alopecia and Luke is a cheating douche (among other things) all the while Ryan Atwood stares back at the travesty as if he is witnessing a comedy show. Then in a split personality moemnt Ryan goes from all smiles to punching Luke out of extreme anger!

"You don't deserve her!" - Ryan Atwood

Above is a bonus clip of the whole Tijuana scene with beer goggles slow motion effect added. The slow motion effect literally makes you feel like you are in a dirty, sweaty Mexican club with a humongous buzz! You will also notice how sexual this scene is especially when one of the female patrons gets beer spilled all over her shirt (wet-t-shirt contest material). 

Lastly there is something just so very epic about seeing Luke dancing drunk in slow-motion! He's making his O-face for sure!

Best line of the scene:

"I love authentic Mexican culture" - Seth Cohen

Friday, March 17, 2017

Rare Glimpses: Seth Cohens Bathroom!?

Seth Cohens the o.c. bathroom rare photo

Let's face it The O.C. features very few scenes of bathrooms so this is kind of a big deal! Here we have a very rare angle of Seth Cohens room. For the longest time we never knew what was on the other side of Seth's wall, we've got to see the closet in a handful of episodes but this angle above is one of kind. By golly it's Seth Cohen's bathroom, where all the magic happens (or doesn't)! Inside his bathroom we can see a picture of a mountain hanging on the wall and a towel rack complete with a plush white towel (we're sure the thread-count is at least 1000). This begs the question however, did the set designers even bother putting a toilet and shower in there since it's never seen? We will never know, at least not yet! So there you have it, a rare photo of Seths bathroom - take it all in folks! Wondering what Ryan's pool house bathroom looks like? Check it out here!

Monday, March 13, 2017

The Cars of The O.C.: Ryan Atwood's 1980-1987 Toyota Land Cruiser!

In this edition of The Cars of The O.C. we present to you Ryan's dessert beige 1980-1987 Model 60 Toyota Land Cruiser! This Toyota Land Cruiser was given to Ryan by his mother Dawn Atwood upon Ryan's high-school graduation. It's no Land Rover but it surely an awesome gift! Dawns new boyfriend even helped her fix it up, And look a red ribbon, Dawn clearly went all out with this gift!

Gee thanks mom for getting me a car with over 230 thousand miles on it..
Chances are even if Ryan and Marissa didn't crash that baby was on its way out!

The interesting thing about Ryan's Land Cruiser is that Ryan really only got to enjoy it for about a day before it was brutally thrown off the road by Volchok and totaled! How sad, its almost as if everything Dawn touches turns to crap.

Side view

Look, Ryan is driving around with a New Mexico license plate 594k28..Interesting..

During the crash scene Ryan's Land Cruiser gets completely engulfed in flames

Then here in this very rare photo, we see whats left of Ryan's Toyota Land Cruiser at The O.C. back-lot. As you can see not much flame damage at all, mainly structural. Which means there probably was more than one vehicle involved during filming, one to wreck and one to set on fire. With the fire car being a pretend look-a-like Land Cruiser (possibly).


What body style?
off-road vehicle with 4/5 seats
How long?
4750 mm
How heavy?
1900 kg
What size engine?
4 litre, 3995 cm3
How many cylinders?
6, Straight
How much power?
157 PS / 155 bhp / 116 kW @ 4200 rpm
How much torque?
294 Nm / 217 / 30 kgm @ 2200 rpm
How fast?
155 km/h, 96 mph (no wonder they couldn't outrun Volchok's van)