Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Ben Mckenzie wearing Ugg boots on set!

ben mckenzie ryan atwood wearing ugg boots uggs

As you can see we have a special behind the scenes look at what happened in-between takes on The O.C..Clearly they are filming a scene in the pool house but the main thing worth mentioning here is that Ben Mckenzie is wearing Ugg boots! That's right you heard it here first!

ben mckenzie ryan atwood wearing ugg boots uggs

Perhaps this is a creature comfort thing for Ben or that while shooting from the waist up Ben would always bust out his Ugg boots for good luck. The world may never know but regardless of reason, this makes for a good laugh. 😂

Monday, November 28, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: The Cyber Monday Part 1

Ryan and Seth are looking at Cyber Monday deals while eating breakfast in the kitchen.
The kitchen is very quiet besides the sound of frantic clacking of keyboard keys and mouse clicks.
Seth and Ryan are both enthralled with all the great deals.

Ryan decides to cut the silence! He raises his eyebrows and says:

Ryan: So i'm thinking about getting one of those...well you know those self balancing scooters..
Seth: Uh that's very minty of you Ryan. You mean the ones that keep catching fire?
Ryan: Well yeah but you see most of those scooters weren't certified, this one will be.
Seth: You're talking to the wrong guy about electronics but dude Hipster much?
Ryan: Well this way I won't have to borrow your parents Range Rover..plus these things get like 60 miles a charge.
Seth: I think your on to something in-fact I think I'll get one too, that way I can be apart of the in crowd!
Ryan: Seriously?
Seth: No! They're lame..I'll stick to my skateboard.
Ryan shrugs
Seth laughs uncontrollably
Seth: Dude just wait and see how impressed Marissa is when you try to take her on a date in your scooter.
Ryan: Seth!

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