Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The O.C. Merchandise: Reddit User's Awesome O.C. Collection! Plus more!

A Reddit user by the name of Miami-Rice aka Sam recently posted their epic O.C. collection for everyone to see on the official O.C. Reddit page. He/she has some really great gems in there! We reached out further to Sam to see if he/she could tell us a little bit about their collection! Sam was kind enough to email us back with a few additional photos plus a description!

Hi there,
Sam from reddit! Here's a few extra pics of the collection.
Being based in the UK I remember buying the DVD as soon as it was released in here to add to my collection. Most of the other items were collected after the final season finished. It's not a huge collection but has some pretty rare pieces! The sound bite CD is one of my favourites, it's from the first season and contains 43 sound bites from various episodes. On the back it says 'not for sale, resale or auction'. Not sure how it ended up with me!
Another one is the CD which came in a English newspaper, this one has became seriously rare with the majority being binned. It features the 'best ever' OC episode voted by the British audience. The chosen episode was Season 2, episode 4, The New Era. It also has 'The OC: Obsessed Completely, a one hour special.
I'm always on the lookout for the 4 figures from Atomic County but they're expensive to get hold of. I've got a few more items on my radar, so stay tuned!

Thanks so much for sharing Sam, excellent photos and write-up! Please do reach out to us if you end up acquiring anything awesome! Here at Everything The O.C. we know a thing or two about rare O.C. merchandise, we will back up Sam's statement and add that the Atomic County figurines/Maquettes are very rare indeed (see the above photo of them)! They were only for sale at the San Diego Comic-Con back in 2006 (Warner Brothers booth #4029) and only 250 were made of each character (4 in all). Unfortunately the people that own them also know that they are rare, so you won't see those babies going for sale less than a grand for the set!

Other familiar items we see in Sam's collection are: The complete O.C. DVD special box set, all the audio soundtracks, 2 OC Bear Bricks, 2 promotional OC hats, looks to be the entire set of Scholastic OC novels (get them if you like fan-fiction), a rare OC surfboard bottle opener, The O.C. the trivia game and the mini disk pilot episode! 

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Captain Oats says thank you in advance in his horsey speak!