Thursday, January 18, 2018

The O.C. Whoops: A rather sticky pilot episode goof up!

the o.c. tv show error

There isn't much wrong (story wise) with the pilot episode of The O.C..In fact in our very unbiased opinion ;) The O.C. pilot is flawless..But with that being said there are a few funny technical errors that were made during its filming. Recently our team of researches discovered one such error that hasn't been reported anywhere else!

The error happens when Kirsten approaches Sandy in the front of their house near the end of the episode. Kirsten distressed informs Sandy that Seth got into a fight and Sandy proceeds to literally not give a dang and says "at least he has someone to hang out with". As you see in the photo above there is some red making tape on the top of the stairs. We have highlighted for you in-case you are blind. This tape marks where the actors start a scene or where they stand when the director calls action. This was Kirsten's starting point marker and somehow nobody realized this in the editing room 😄!! 

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