Monday, August 7, 2017

The O.C. Memorable Moment: Ryan is the cousin from Boston, Seattle or Canada!

In the pilot episode of The O.C. Ryan got a taste of life from the other side of the tracks (just 40 miles from Chino). Ryan was quickly thrown into a whirlwind of change - sleeping in a wealthy families plush pool house, learning to tie tie's, sailing, wearing expensive suits and attending fancy parties. Amongst the changes Ryan found that the affluent women of Newport were true gossipers! When Ryan arrived word got around fast that a new face was in town but none of them knew the true facts! Was he the cousin from Boston, did he live in Seattle or was he from Canada? I mean lets face it most of the women of Newport didn't have jobs, so gossiping was the majority of their career. This particular pilot scene is hilarious, Ryan had these women all over him and they didn't even realize he was trolling them!

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