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The O.C Interviews: Shaun Cozzens (Pizza guy from Julie's Sex Tape The Porn Identity)

Shaun Cozzens may not be too familiar but he has done a fair amount of acting over the years, mainly small roles but consistent never the less. To us O.C. fans he was Julie's co-star in her pizza porn VHS flick! Starting to remember? Shaun Cozzen played the pizza delivery guy on the tape, delivering more than just a pizza if you know what I mean. They both act out what could be the worlds cheesiest (no pun intended) scenes ever!

Below is a clip from their video and a vintage interview with Shaun Cozzens (from the now defunct O.C. site Editorial Newport). An interview so good it needed to be re-posted! Enjoy!

Who?: Shaun Cozzens
Who!?: He played the pizza guy in Julie's blast-from-the-past porn flick, "The Porn Identity". Featured in episodes 2.15 - 2.17.

1. Had you ever seen the show before your appearance?
Actually I only saw the show a few times but not an actual full episode until I got a call for the audition. I watched the show then just to see who I would be in a scene with and exactly how they act and what there character was like so I could adjust my audition accordingly.

2. What was it like being featured on such a successful series?
I had an absolute blast. The crew, producers, directors and Melinda were great to work with and very accepting of a new comer. They helped me feel right at home and comfortable enough to try fun things, which I think helped the episode turn out the way it did.

3. With your somewhat obscure role in the episode, what did your family and friends think?
The role was killer. I mean, who wouldnt want to play a cheesy 80's pornstar. Especially when you get to play opposite a great and beautiful actress. My friends and family still joke around about it and give me a hard time, but it is all in fun and they know that acting is my true passion and they are totally supportive of that.

4. Favourite OC Babe?
Wow, that is a tough one. They were all beautiful, but I would have to say Melinda because she was the one that I saw and worked the most with. I didnt really have a chance to talk to any of the others except in passing.

5. Was Melinda Clarke a good kisser?
Haha what a hilarious question. Of course she was.... She was very professional and easy to work with which made the kissing scene easier to do. Its always difficult to come on set and do an intimate scene with someone that you dont know and have only talked to for like 5 minutes before they say "action" and have to make it look real and believable. But I think we pulled it off ok.

6. And finally, Were there any outstanding experiences from your time on the show?
I would have to say the best experience for me was making the cast and crew bust up laughing while we were shooting and all the outtakes that occurred while filming. That coupled with the phone call that I got from a friend that went to the wrap party for the season and said that Melinda gave a speech about working with me and how she enjoyed it and how much fun she had then the showed some of the outtakes to the crowd. It was nice to be thought of in that way......All in all the people were great and the experience was one of my favorite acting gigs to date.

Interview conducted: April 4th, 2007.
Published on: April 5th, 2007.

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