Monday, April 24, 2017

The O.C. Fan Art: Ryan Atwood Fan Drawling!

ryan atwood benjamin mckenzie fan art drawling the o.c.

Look at this stud, It's Ryan Atwood! How do we know this? Well for one the unknown artist said it was but just in case we'll use our Ryan Atwood checklist to make sure:
  • Dirty wife beater check
  • Leather jacket hoody combo check
  • Angsty wrong side of the tracks choker check
  • Chapped lip Chino smile check...

Wait is it just me or does Ryan kinda look like the kid from the 6th Sense here? Not sure what's going on with that but its beautiful never the less..I mean look at that hair shading, we aren't dealing with an amateur that's for sure, the artist is at least 12! 

benjamin mckenzie ryan atwood the oc leather jacket hoodie

Clearly this season 1 promo photo was the inspiration for the above drawling! We suspect tracing was involved at first and then they just winged the rest. 

Feel free to send us your fan art via Twitter or Facebook and we'll post it especially if its horrible!