Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The O.C. Interviews: Bruno Amato aka Archie the Buff Construction Worker!

Bruno Amato is an amazing actor and has been in all sorts of TV shows and movies since he played on The O.C., feel free to follow him on his twitter @BrunoAmato_1 and say hey! 

Below is a vintage interview from the now defunct O.C. site Editorial Newport. So good it needed to be re-posted! Enjoy!

Who?: Bruno Amato

Which character did he play?:

He played construction worker and architect Archie in episode 2.01 - 2.02.

1. How was the general experience of being on the set of such a successful show?

I was thrilled because if you hear my accent, it is VERY East Coast and so not Orange County, but Peter Gallagher really treated me great from the first minute I met him and that made me feel really welcome......and did you know I had the first spoken line of Season Two....there's a little trivia for ya :).

2. You had an infamous OC bagel for breakfast in the Cohen kitchen - tell me it lives up to its symbolic reputation!

What an honor to share bagels in the Cohen household:) they were fresh and they were YUMMY!

3. From what you remember of the set of the school, is it really as beautiful as it looks?

That school really is gorgeous and is not in Orange County, I believe it's actually an all girl Catholic College.

4. How much about I-beams do you actually know? Must feel pretty awful messing up the Cohen's house.

I know a LOT about I Beams, I was a Union Ironworker for 10 years before becoming an actor:) so of course I caught a some laughs from a few of my old buddies who saw the show.

5. And finally, Who's your favourite OC babe?

Ha Ha, that's easy .....Kiki :) Also though, I was asked to come back for the final episode and before i had the chance to, I had already been written out :(. I was so psyched to be asked back, but I guess they switched the story line on me :( Oh well, that's showbiz! Thanks for asking me to do this - All the best, Bruno Amato.

Interview conducted: April 3rd, 2007.
Published on: April 5th, 2007.

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