Thursday, September 22, 2016

The O.C. in the News: Ben Mckenzie of The O.C., Gotham and Southland calls The O.C. Timeless!

Ben Mckenzie was recently interviewed earlier this month to talk about Gotham season 3. But Gotham wasn't the only thing we got to hear about in the interview. Ben talks about The O.C. and calls The O.C. timeless! Pretty priceless! We would have to agree Ben aka Kid Chino! Watch the interview in the video above or read the transcript below!


Ben Mckenzie: Yeah its cool. People are discovering not only The O.C. on Hulu but Southland as well. They are both on Hulu now. I'll plug my shows to get those streaming residuals, which is like 50 bucks every once in awhile, but um not complaining. 

Ben Mckenzie: Yeah The O.C. is great I  mean, The O.C. feels like yesterday to me but it was obviously 10 years ago. When it ended it was 10 years ago but when it started was more than that. So there's a whole generation of like, like I call them kids cause i'm so old, but like younger people who would have enjoyed The O.C. except they were not born yet or they were 5 or whatever and so now they are discovering it as teenagers and going oh wow this is kind of good, I kind of dig it. 

Interviewer: The problems are kinda timeless you know, either way your going to experience what's going on. 

Ben Mckenzie:  Right, right, right. Yeah. I like to think The O.C. is timeless, you heard that here from me a guy on that show.

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