Tuesday, July 12, 2016

The O.C. Fan Fiction: The Prime Day

Last night Sandy pulled an all-nighter with hopes to score a discounted bagel slicer on Amazon's annual Prime Day!

It's 10 am Sandy stands near the kitchen counter deliriously looking at his completed Amazon shopping cart purchase. Ryan and Seth are both sitting in the kitchen eating their breakfast and reading comics.
Sandy starts smirking with insane delight

Sandy: You know whats better than eating a bagel boys?

Seth and Ryan look highly unamused and unmotivated to respond or even look up. 
Seth hesitates

Seth: No....What is better than eating a bagel dad?

Seth looks back down as if he's not even interested in the answer to the question

Sandy: Getting a bagel slicer 20 percent off, us Cohen's know how to bargain!

Seth: No that's called being Jewish.

Ryan: Wow, that's ugh something Sandy.

Seth: Wait dad..what did you pay for this Bagel slicer?

Sandy: Well I had to get a Prime membership to get this baby but its worth it son, we get free 2 day shipping and Amazon Prime TV for a year!

Seth goes over to his dads tablet and quickly searches google for the exact same bagel slicer

Sandy annoyed that Seth is looking at his tablet

Sandy: C'mon watcha doing I had that page up for a reason, now its lost.

Seth: Dad, one word...WALMART. *drops the mic*

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