Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Obscure O.C. Trivia: What's on Ryan's Shirt?

mermaid inn the o.c.

In season 1 episode 22 "The L.A." Ryan and Seth go to the ever so classy Mermaid Inn to retrieve Ryan's beloved watch he left in Theresa's 79 dollar room. The cleaning lady must really be an honest gal let me tell ya, perhaps they should have asked her if shes seen Rosa lately too. Anyways they walk into the hotel office, talk to an older gentleman preach about how lucky Ryan is to have a girl like Theresa and proceed to walk out with Ryan's watch.

As they walk out I couldn't help but notice Ryan's shirt. Now the details of it are hard to read at first but when Ryan turns around the back to see a glimpse of Luke coming out of Julie Coopers room his shirt reads "B&B Supply Long Beach, Ca Industrial - Contractor - Maintenance - Supplies".

Out of obscure curiosity I went to that website and low and behold its a real company/business located in Long Beach. Now don't get me wrong, the website looks like it was designed before Ryan was a baby but its completely legit.

The ironic thing is that the "Mermaid Hotel" was/is located in Long Beach which makes me wonder if this was some really strange advertising campaign that B&B Supply had going? I mean it makes sense Ryan did have a construction job.

Or perhaps they were the company that installed the Mermaid prop on top of the "Mermaid Hotel" in any case this is an Everything The O.C. exclusive! Challenge your friends with this bit of knowledge..and they say they're O.C.!!

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