Sunday, February 21, 2016

Rare Glimpses: Seth's Open Bedroom Window

seth's o.c room window open

Here we have a one time only peak at Seth Cohen's open bedroom window from Season 3 Episode 13 "The Pot Stirrer". During Seth's avoidance phase, he decided to score some Mary-Jane from Kaitlin Cooper. With a couple of joints pre-rolled and some free time to burn, Seth opens up his upstairs bedroom window for a little escapism.

seth's o.c room window open

As you may know all of the interiors shots filmed after the pilot episode were filmed in the Raleigh Manhattan Beach Studios. They constructed the whole thing on a sound-stage.

seth's o.c room

The thing that makes this rare is we are seeing the only glimpse on the other side of the Seth Cohen room set, its like seeing the dark side of the moon. In every other episode we only see the windows shut with tree shadows behind it. This is another reason why this episode is awesome. The writers really branch out literally, they involve an open window featuring trees and a certain curly haired goof smoking a tree. #mindblown

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