Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The O.C. Mystery: The Case of Trey Atwoods Changing Identity

One of the biggest mystery's in the TV universe is when a main character is completely replaced by another. They are given the same name but look completely different! Even more of a mystery is when none of the other characters in the shows universe say anything about it, they just go along with it like they are under some sort of spell. Apparently alien ships routinely abduct actors working on set all the time cause this happens a lot in the land of TV.

In the case of The O.C. there was only one body transplant and it was Trey Atwood, Ryan Atwood-Cohen's misfit brother. The last time we see Trey played by the original actor Bradley Stryker was in the Thanksgiving episode "The Homecoming". Ryan and Marissa visit him in prison to drop off some turkey and stuffing as well as do a last favor for the guy. Prior to that we saw him in the Pilot episode and was mentioned in numerous episodes. Yes Trey committed a crime but the bigger crime was seeing Trey come out of prison as a new man, literally! Trey comes out looking a little shinier around the edges played by Logan Marshall-Green.

Now we probably could get an answer on why the actors switched from the super busy Josh Schwartz (creator of The O.C.) but he doesn't check Twitter messages often. For now this case will stay a mystery, Bradley Stryker or Logan Marshall-Green feel free to fill us in on the details! I'm going to assume that recasting is done for various reasons, it can be an actors choice to quit the show or movie but most often its the directors choice. Not all actors give off the same mood or fit every scenario. In the case of Trey Atwood I feel like the directors were going for a more diverse actor or one they can mold more easily in different situations or story lines. Perhaps Trey Atwood's character wasn't suppose to go further than the pilot therefor they didn't need to be too picky or have the complete package from the start or Bradley got offered something better. In closing both actors were fantastic but at the end of the day we got punk'd!

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