Sunday, January 25, 2015

The O.C. Woops: The Mystery of Luke's Hairy Chest

Here we have the oh so lovable Abercrombie villain water polo player of the pilot episode of The O.C., Luke Ward. It appears that he isn't exactly shaving his chest as religiously as we once learned to believe ("that guy shaves his chest" - Seth Cohen). Exibit A photo above: Luke Ward stands at Holly's beach after party with his shell necklace, chest hair and all, ready to get his hook up on..Look HAIR, CHEST HAIR..This mystery now puzzles me. Possible theories to explain this phenomenon: Perhaps Luke hit puberty over the summer and was trying to show off his newly acquired Austin Powers look at the party. Or the more obvious answer is Chris Carmack (actor that plays Luke Ward) probably didn't want to shave his hard earned hair without knowing if the show was going to get picked up past the pilot episode (that's alot to sacrifice). Or simply that the writers didn't have a clear vision with his character as of the pilot episode. Either way its a highly entertaining O.C. oops. continuity error.

Bonus evidence photo:

"Welcome to The Chest hair, Bitch!"

Where to find: Season 1 Episode 1 (pilot)

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