Thursday, June 30, 2016

Just for Fun: The Atwood's Work Van Spotted in Newport!!

Everything The O.C. staff was searching Newport Beach, CA using Google Street View the other day when we stumbled upon this epic gem! What we have here is mind blowing and it will literally fill in what happened between Ryan and his big brother Trey after season 4!

We found a van! But not just any van, Trey and Ryan's business van! Here is a close-up! By the looks of the van Ryan and Trey have gotten into business together. They started a Two Brothers Locksmith company!

Here is an even better close-up. The slogan reads "It's no fun if the key's are in the car" and "If we don't do it who will?". Notice the Journey stickers on the side. Classic move which i'm sure was Ryan's idea.

Would you call Two Brothers Locksmith to come pop your lock? Think about it, Trey was pretty quick getting the Camaro started! Although you would probably have to get your broken glass fixed but at least you would be able to get in and get going. Gotta weigh the pro's and con's folks!

Found their business website here as well!

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The O.C. Birthdays: Bradley Stryker's birthday is today!

Happy Birthday to the actor that played early Trey Atwood in The O.C., Mr. Bradley Stryker! Bradley's character Trey showed us that it is very possible to break into a car and hot-wire it within  two seconds flat! Simply fantastic! What's that Trey? Did you say you need us to steal a car for one of your homies to pay off a new debt you owe? That's such a typical Atwood birthday present and I know just the man to call! Cheers to you Bradley and happy birthday!

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