The O.C. Cinemagraphs

In case you don't know, a cinemagraph is a classier more thought out version of a GIF. 
A cinemagraph is seamless art. Capturing the beauty in the subtle moments you may have forgotten, making them last forever within your personal snow globe to gaze upon.

All of the following O.C. Cinemagraphs have been created by, please give credit when posting elsewhere. Thanks and Enjoy!

ryan looking outside into a rain filled sky the o.c.

Ryan looks out to what looks like the Day After Tomorrow

sandy watching tv the o.c.

Sandy kicking back in the Cohen lazy boy and watching some television, I think his favorite judge show is on!

ryan and marissa staring at calebs new house

Marissa and Ryan staring at Marissa's new house

raining in the o.c. ryan pool house

Ryan realizing its raining in The O.C.

ryan waits for sandy to pick him up the o.c.

Ryan waiting for Sandy to pick him up

ryan and seth in swimming pool the o.c.

Seth and Ryan in deep contemplation as they float in the Cohen infinity pool

kirsten swimming pool the o.c.

Kirsten relaxing in the infinity pool after a hard days work

Julie and Caleb's mansion

Ryan hanging out in the model home

julie pours caleb a drink the o.c. poison

Julie pouring Caleb a special drink

ryan atwood studies homework in poolhouse the o.c pool house

Ryan Studying hard in the pool house

marissa driveway gif the o.c.

Marissa waits for her ride to her new house

ryan and seth hang out in hot tub the o.c. cohen Gabrielle

Seth and Ryan meet Caleb's new girlfriend Gabrielle

the core four the o.c. playing video games o.c.

The core four playing a little PlayStation

ryan comforts marissa in the backyard the o.c.

Ryan embracing Marissa in the Cohen backyard

Ryan Atwood spins in his chair while talking with Seth The O.C.

Ryan amusing himself while talking with Seth

Sandy and Kirsten manage to kiss even after all the drama between her father, The Balboa Wetlands and Rachel.

Ryan doing homework near the pool

Ryan lights up Marissa's cigarette

Seth falls off the roof wearing his Spidey mask to protect him from the rain

Johnny contemplates jumping off the very high rock formation in "The Cliff Hanger" 

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