Seth Cohen Fact Sheet

Seth Cohen is the quirky, hip, hilarious teen of The O.C., known for his super fast one liners and loved by all the ladies (alteast after he meets Ryan). 

Nicknames: Cohen, Sethy
Ethnic Background: Jewish but his mother is of another faith
Lives:  Newport Beach 
Hobbies: Comic Books, Indie Music, Sailing, Skateboarding, Anime
Main Friends: Ryan Atwood, Summer Roberts, Marissa Cooper
Favorite Bands: Deathcab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, The Shins
Favorite Movies: The Goonies
Favorite Book: The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Side Kick: Captain Oats, Ryan Atwood
Birthday: April 06, 1988 (not confirmed)
Birthplace: Berkley, CA (not confirmed)
Siblings: Seth was born an only child but later Ryan Atwood becomes his adopted brother
Love interests: Briefly dated Anna Stern, Alex Kelly but majority of the time kept an On and off relationship with Summer Roberts (his dream girl)
Jobs: Briefly worked at The Bait Shop as a janitor
Favorite Food: Cereal, bagels, Chinese takeout food
Parents: Sandy Cohen and Kirsten Cohen
Quirks: In the episode "The Countdown" Seth proclaims that he is claustrophobic 
Character played by: Adam Brody

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Captain Oats says thank you in advance in his horsey speak!