Ryan Atwood Fact Sheet

Ryan Atwood is the smart, loyal, strong, a little more action less conversation more action teen of The O.C., best known for protecting his friends and sticking to things when the going gets tough.

Nicknames: Chino, Kid Chino, Atwood
Ethnic Background: Unknown
Lives: Newport 
Hobbies: Working out, eating cereal, girls, defending others
Main Friends: Seth, Marissa, Summer, Sandy, Kirsten
Favorite Bands: Journey
Favorite Movies: Over the Top staring Sylvester Stallone, 1987
Favorite Book: Unknown
Side Kick: Seth Cohen
Birthday: March 19, 1988
Birthplace: Fresno, CA (not confirmed)
Siblings: Has an older brother named Trey
Love interests: Has an on/off relationship with Marissa throughout the series, also briefly dates long time best friend Theresa Diaz, Lindsay Garner and Sadie Campbell (Johnny's Cousin)
Jobs: Briefly worked at The Crab Shack in the first season
Favorite Food: Cereal, bagels, coffee, ding-dongs, cheese sticks, milk
Parents: Dawn and Frank Atwood but later his legal guardians are Sandy and Kirsten Cohen
Quirks: Afraid of heights, doesn't really listen to music much (dude that's kind of weird), has mastered the art of "the look" (everything can be conveyed without speaking), smoked cigarettes in a few episodes of the first season (Newports were assuming)
Character played by: Benjamin Mckenzie

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