Marissa Cooper Fact Sheet

Marissa Cooper is the pretty girl next door that everyone wants to be. She is very caring and loyal even if that means putting her other relationships at risk. 

Nicknames: Coop, Cooper
Ethnic Background: Unknown
Lives: Newport 
Hobbies: Shopping, Tanning, Listening to music, Fashion
Talents: Great at school event planning, good dresser
Main Friends: Seth, Summer, Ryan
Favorite Bands: The Cramps, Stiff Little Fingers, The Clash, Rooney
Favorite Movies: unknown
Favorite Book: Gossip magazines
Sidekick: Summer Roberts
Birthday: unknown
Birthplace: Newport
Siblings: Has a younger sister named Kaitlin that is not around much due to her being in private school
Love interests: Luke Ward, DJ (aka Lawn Boy), Alex Kelly, Kevin Volchok and an ongoing "its complicated" relationship with Ryan Atwood throughout the series
Jobs: none
Favorite Food: Cheese sticks
Parents: Jimmy and Julie Cooper-Nichol, Caleb Nichol (ex step dad) 
Quirks: Believes that anything can be cured by a little shopping, very experimental with her love interests
Character played by: Mischa Barton

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