Luke Ward Fact Sheet

Luke Ward
Luke was the athletic macho jerk of The O.C. turned nice guy/dependable friend till the end 

Nicknames: Golden Retriever 
Ethnic Background: unknown
Lives: Newport 
Hobbies: Partying, girls, beer, water polo
Main Friends: Norland, Marissa, Seth, Ryan and Summer
Favorite Bands: Bob Seger 
Favorite Movies: unknown
Favorite TV show: Sports
Favorite Video Game: Madden NFL
Side Kick: himself
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Newport born and raised
Siblings: Brad and Eric Ward 
Love interests: Marissa Cooper but stays single after they breakup
Jobs: Works at Harrison's Marina (After he moves to Portland)
Favorite Food: Hamburgers and fries
Parents: Carson and Meredith Ward
Quirks: Very sure of himself and who he is as a person, not fond of outsiders at first 
Character played by: Chris Carmack

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