Kirsten Cohen Fact Sheet

Kirsten Cohen
Kirsten Cohen is the funny semi-stable anchor mother figure of The O.C.

Nicknames: Kiki
Ethnic Background: unknown
Lives: Newport
Hobbies: Hanging with the newpsies, planning parties/events
Main Friends: Seth, Ryan, Julie, Sandy, Jimmy
Favorite Bands: Solomon Burke 
Favorite Movies: unknown
Favorite TV show: unknown
Favorite Book: Newport Living
Side Kick: Sandy Cohen
Birthday: Unknown
Birthplace: Newport born and raised
Graduated: UC Berkeley 
Siblings: Hailey
Love interests: Sandy Cohen 
Jobs: Newport Group
Favorite Food: Wine, Chinese Food
Parents: Caleb Nichol, Rose Nichol
Quirks: Can't cook, Very forgiving, has a weakness for wine 
Character played by: Kelly Rowan

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