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There's no better way to let people know your an OC fan than walking around with one of the most memorable lines from the show! After-all that is how it's done in Orange County! Available in 8 exciting colors as well as women's tank top, coffee mug and sticker! 

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Our latest creation! We just got word that the Crab Shack is hiring! That's right, the last guy, uh whats his name Donnie - he finally left to go back to his "hood" and now it's up to you to serve the people of Newport! Along side Ryan how could things go wrong? Brace yourself - Welcome to The Crab Shack Bitch!

Be the only person in your hood with this fan created replica gem of a shirt - we guarantee it will make you or the person your gifting it to the opposite of crabby! 

Looking for a unique way to show your love for The O.C. and this website? Well look no further!

We present to you something of our own creation we like to call:

The Better Call Sandy T-Shirt! Complete with Bagel and Surfboard!

Let face it when anyone was in a bind on The O.C. Sandy was just one call away from turning a ugly mess into a beautiful masterpiece and before dinner too!

This awesome shirt is now available but only for a limited time! In 6 amazing colors!
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Buy The O.C.: The Complete Series

We highly recommend The O.C. Complete Series Box Set for multiple reasons. It contains every O.C. episode on 28 DVD's and will look freaking awesome on your shelf! It's the best option for true fans! Buy it and reap a lot of great benefits. The O.C. box set contains so much more than just the episodes, it has awesome artwork, photos, deleted scenes, documentaries, commentaries, outtakes you name it! 8 hours of special features in all! The set also looks very visually cool and appealing to the eye! Buy it once, own it forever, watch it often! This is for real fans that are looking for more O.C. content than just the episodes and The O.C. Complete Series Box Set has you covered!

Main reasons to buy the DVD box set:

1. Its freaking awesome
2. Every O.C. episode plus episode guide
3. The hilarious outtakes/bloopers
4. The deleted scenes
5. The documentaries
6. The commentary tracks
7. Rare photos inside the DVD booklet
8. The Atomic County mini comic
9. Watch the show whenever you want
10. You don't need an internet connection
11. Watch in HD without buffering
12. Awesome case design

This is the very best option for people that like to re-watch the show multiple times annually! 

CONS= ZERO! No summer bummer here! 

Don't forget the Seth Cohen Starter Pack! The perfect Chrismukkah gift combination!