Monday, December 11, 2017

The O.C. Merchandise: Chrismukkah t-shirt, hoodie and coffee mug NOW AVAILABLE!

I'm sure you've heard...I'ts that time again! Merry Chrismukkah! It's time to bust out the ole Christmas tree, throw a log into the fireplace and get into the holiday spirit Seth style! After all Chrismukkah is the uber holiday combining the best things that Christianity and Judaism have to offer! Up for your consideration is a Chrismukkah inspired hoodie, t-shirt and coffee mug. These products are more than garuntee a great conversation piece as you hang out with family and friends this holiday season! To order click here and make sure to get rush shipping that way it comes in time!

Puzzled about what Chrismukkah is? Seth will catch you up in this video! 

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The O.C. in the News: Orange County fires now blazing in Malibu (The Cohen/Cooper house filming location threatened)

The external filming locations of the Cohen and Coopers house may be threatened today as the Orange County fires rage now in Malibu. This morning fires have been reported on the 5300 block of Horizon drive in Malibu and there has been reports of structural damage. As you can see in the above visual its awfully close to where The O.C. filmed (Ocean Breeze Drive) much of the external shots we got to see in the pilot episode, Coopers house, Cohen house cul de sac. Not many more details are known at this time but we hope and pray everyone stays safe and that people evacuated from their homes. As fans of The O.C. we also hope that these TV show landmarks stay intact! We will update you if anything else is reported. Thanks!


UPDATE: Great news - fire reported has been contained and no injuries reported!