Friday, November 6, 2015

The O.C. DIY: The Atomic County Comic Book!

Have you wanted some O.C. props but just could't find any available or couldn't afford them on a bus boy Crab Shack salary? Fear not! This DIY will be enough to make even the most casual of fans to drool all over their penguin shirts. This simple do it yourself prop guide will make a great new edition to your ongoing O.C. shrine!

Follow instructions below
  1. Click here to save the image on your favorite floppy disk, cd, flash drive  
  2. Head to Luke's dad's car dealer ship, he has a killer color jet ink printer! (if they say Carson is in Portland just leave and head to your moms house or local library)
  3. Print in landscape mode
  4. Fold it hamburger style
  5. Display it proudly, cover books with it, trick your friends!