Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Promotional Photos: Earliest promotional posters for The O.C.

We present to you the absolute earliest promotional photos promoting The O.C. to date. These rare images were presented on physical billboards to promote the shows first episode air date as well as a little teaser on what the would be viewer would witness. There is just something really special about these promo images though - maybe it was because at the time nobody had a clue the show would turn out as big as it did. 

Fun fact: Ryan was named "The Outsider" in his poster, episode 5 of season one used the exact same name. Notice Summer doesn't have her own promo. Well that is because the creators of The O.C. didn't have any plans for Summer becoming a main character until later. 

seth cohen misfit the oc promotional photo

Seth The Misfit

marissa the girl next door  the o.c. promotional photo

Marissa The Girl Next Door

luke the boyfriend the oc promotional photo

Luke The Boyfriend

ryan the outsider oc promotional photo

Ryan The Outsider

the o.c. promotional photo it's nothing like where you live. and nothing like what you imagine.

It's nothing like where you live.
And nothing like what you imagine.
The best new show of the fall is coming this summer. 

Friday, October 12, 2018

The O.C. Video Clips: The Simpsons O.C. Parody!

Here is proof that The O.C. was truly a cultural phenomenon, The Simpson's covered it! 
Enjoy the parody!

Monday, October 8, 2018

The O.C. Memorable Moments: We're from two different worlds..

How about that time when Ryan told Marissa to hit the road at the model home - using his confusing light-on-words neanderthal Chino speak that is "We're from different worlds". At the time Marissa didn't exactly know what she wanted but she sure as heck was getting really tired of Luke and his shallow friends/parties. Marissa felt a real spark with someone she hardly knew which spoke volumes about her current relationship. Marissa couldn't help but be drawn to Ryan and defend him even though it could mean the end for her and Luke, it was a risk worth taking..We know the feeling was mutual for Ryan too (at least initially, until Oliver!).